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Support & Maintenance: [?]

Regular License
CREATE: On-line manuals, CHM help files, RTF files
SOLO pack
* Premium support isn't provided for this type of license.
1 user
190 USD
Regular to Advanced
License upgrade
1 user
120 USD
Advanced License
CREATE: On-line manuals, CHM help files, RTF files, PDF manuals
WEB EFFECTS: full-text search, keyword index, dynamic menu, pop-up tooltips
Validation tool, Command line mode
SOLO pack
1 user
290 USD
2 users
566 USD
Save 14 USD
3 users
841 USD
Save 29 USD
4 users
1117 USD
Save 43 USD
5 users
1190 USD
Save 260 USD !!!
10 users
2190 USD
Save 710 USD !!!
25 users
4690 USD
Save 2560 USD !!!

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There are numerous answered questions about prices, licenses, and ordering process on Dr.Explain Ordering FAQ page. Check it out!

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The license price?
It paid for itself, in time savings, on the first day I started to use it.

Patrick Byrne
Byrne Consultancy Limited

What's new

28 July 2014 We invite groups of Dr.Explain users (2 users or more) to join the community of volunteer beta-testers to evaluate the key new feature of upcoming Dr.Explain 5.0 the teamwork module, so that multiple Dr.Explain users can work together on the same documents.

Just drop us a line via beta@drexplain.com

All active Dr.Explain 5.0 beta testers will receive great bonuses and gifts when the official release gets unveiled.

24 February 2014 Our team introduces Tiwri.com - The technical writing platform powered by Dr.Explain.

20 February 2014 Dr.Explain 4.11 is available. Read the release notes.

1 February 2014 The Dr.Explain team is proud to be a Gold sponsor of
    Delphi Developer Days 2014

1 February 2014 The Dr.Explain team is proud to be a Sponsor at UA Europe 2014.
The Conference for Software User Assistance Professionals in Europe

13 September 2013 Dr.Explain 4.10is available. Read the release notes.

1 January 2012 The Dr.Explain team is proud to be a sponsor of
The Conference for Software User Assistance

Microsoft Silver Partner