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Printing a PDF as a Bound Book - Questions

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Printing a PDF as a Bound Book - Questions

Postby Patricia » Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:06 pm

Hello. We have FINALLY completed our document and nearly finalized the resulting PDF. We plan to print out hard copies of the PDF document as a book, with a front and back cover and a spine giving the title. Has anyone done this, and if so, can you please give me advice on the following issues?

1) Our PDF includes a table of contents at the front. Currently, the table of contents is on Pages 1-4, then the first page of the book starts and is numbered Page 5. is there a way to keep the table of contents in the front of the book but restart the page numbering of the book at Page 1?

2) Can you recommend reasonably priced printing services to print 10 bound copies of our document? Many seem to require a larger number of books.

3) I originally named the document "user guide" but then changed the name to "reference manual". For some reason, the first page of the PDF prints "Reference Manual" but then it prints "user guide" beneath the title. I cannot figure out where "user guide" is coming from. Do you know how I can delete this?

4) Is there any documentation available to assist me with designing a nice cover with graphics via Dr. Explain?

Thanks very much!

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