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Give more power to Dr.Explain team

Postby DrExplain.com » Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:14 pm


Our team works hard to improve Dr.Explain software by releasing new versions and implementing new features upon your requests. Thanks a lot for your feedback and for your help with beta testing & evaluation. We appreciate it a lot.

However, Dr.Explain is also always looking for new ways to increase the product exposure among professionals. We hope you can really help us in this way too. This will require just one minute of your time.

If you have Google (GMail or Google Plus) account simply search on Google for help authoring tools, software documentation tools, help file tool or simply dr.explain and press Image(+1 button) in the http://www.drexplain.com slot in the search results to express your attitude to the project and to recommend it to your colleagues and partners.

This will additionally inspire our team for further development & releases.

Thank you!
Dennis Crane
Dr.Explain Team
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