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Multiple Suggestions

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Multiple Suggestions

Postby Brien King » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:37 pm

Love the application, however, it needs a little tweaking to make it more productive.

Here are my requests:

1. Capture sequence of Windows, or have "Capture Mode Toggle".

Right now if I have sequence of dialogs that I have to go through, I have to keep going back and forth between Dr.Explain and my application. Each time pressing Ctrl+W, then Ctrl-Click to capture a window...

What I would like to see is the ability to put Dr. Explain in "Capture" mode and have it stay there, so each time I press Ctrl-Click it adds the window and lets me keep going. When I'm done, I turn off the capture mode and than I can edit all my screens.

2. Better editing support.

Right now, if I want to edit the text of the callouts, I have to click on it, then click on the TItle, then type in my title.

What I would like to see is being able to edit the Text Inline in the editor, or if I click on a callout, and start typing, it allows me to change the title. Right now it's way too many mouse clicks.

3. Better Multi-Monitor Support.

Right now your application doesn't do very well on multiple monitors. It would be nice if I could have the content editor on one screen, and all the tool bars/property windows on different monitors. Visual Studio 2010 is a perfect example of the UI I would like to see.

4. Ability to turn off text on the callouts.

Right now it shows a label next to every callout. In 99% of my cases this text is redundant and clutters up the document. It's also more work having to remove the labels or give them text. I would like an option to hide the text (allow me to do this globally) on a case by case basis.

For example, I might want a callout to a grid, and have text that says something like "Transactions", while I don't need text on the callout to the "OK" button when the button already says "OK".
Brien King
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