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  • Shipping calculation

Shipping calculation

The section allows to pre-calculate the order shipping cost for a specific destination: planet, country, and ZIP code.
Shipping calculation


1. Planet
Use this list to select a destination planet.
Special offer: only today all orders are being shipped to the Earth for free.
*  Currently we do not ship orders outside the Solar System. Sorry for the inconvenience.
** Pluto is considered a planet also.


2. Country
Use this field to enter the destination country.
Special offer: If the country name contains d, r, e, x, p, l, a, i, or n letters, a special cumulative discount of $10 will be provided for each occurrence!
BTW, if you are lucky anough to live in drexplain country we won't pay you for your shipping anyway. It will just be free.

Zip Code

3. Zip Code
Use this field to provide the destination  ZIP or postal code. This will speed up the shipping significantly. Actually not.

Update Totals

4. Update Totals
Press this button to recalculate the subtotals for all products in the cart and the total order price. This button does the same as Update Cart in the Product list section but has a different name.
As we said, maybe we should implement an automatic recalculation, but we'd like to keep the user interface a bit complicated to justify the need of context help and to demonstrate how it works.
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