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Technology overview

The technology allows to integrate help manual created with Dr.Explain right into a web site or a web application. You can easily bind clickable help icons to a certain page sections or controls which require explanations.
Just a few steps are required to do this,

1. Insert Dr.Explain context web help script into the code of your web page

<script type="text/javascript" src="" data-decontext-url=""></script>
In the data-decontext-url parameter set the URL of your online manual made with Dr.Explain. The online manual can be published either on your product website or on technical writing platform.
Note: please turn on Print version pages in Dr.Explain HTML export settings. It's the print version pages that are displayed in the context help pop up windows due-to their minimalist and clean design.

2. Add context help attributes to page elements

To attach a clickable help icon with a help topic pop up to an HTML element (e.g. input, div, table or else) just add the special attributes to its HTML tag like shown bellow.
The attributes:
data-decontext - enables/disables the context web help icon for the element.
data-decontext-position-x - horizontal position of the help icon relative to the element (left, center or right (default value))
data-decontext-position-y - vertical position of the help icon relative to the element (top (default value), center or bottom)
data-decontext-filename - online manual help topic file name to be shown in the popup window
data-decontext-bgcolor - help icon background color. The default color is #bbb (light gray).
data-decontext-fgcolor - help icon text (question mark) color. The default color is  #fff (white).
data-decontext-width - help icon width. The default width is 24 pixels.
data-decontext-height - help icon height. The default height is 24 pixels.

3. Publish your web page changes

Once the changes are published a help icon will be shown on those page elements. The popup window with a certain help topic will be shown once a user clicks the help icon.
Note: decontext.js script is a subject to change and improvements. We recommend to visit this page and Dr.Explain help documentation from time to time to keep abreast of its changes and modifications.
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