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Tracking your file downloads

June 26, 2007

Tracking is a king in mISV business. When somebody downloads a file from your website you must log the event. Therefore, you must invoke a script (e.g. download.php) on your server that will write the info about the event in a file or database and then will redirect the visitor to the actual binary file. [...]

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White papers: Writing Cost-Effective Documentation for Software Systems

June 18, 2007

There are many situations when you have an application but there is no help file with it, and you have no time to write complete documentation yourself. At the same time you have no budget to hire a professional technical writer who can do this tedious work for you. The situations come up fairly often [...]

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Angry customers are good for your software business

June 12, 2007

This is truth! First of all they tell you about weak sides of your software and business. So, you know what must be improved and polished. Second, angry users can become the most loyal ones. Surprised? In psychology, this is called “Pendulum effect” – it’s much easier to move the pendulum to the right if [...]

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