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Dr.Explain is a help authoring software to easily create help files, end user documentation and on-line help manuals in CHM, PDF, WORD & HTML formats automatically.

We know you’ve been there, done that ...

Not only technical writers create help files
Not only technical writers create help files, but also

  • Software developers,
  • QA specialists,
  • Technical support engineers,
  • Business analysts,
  • Marketing experts,
  • Product managers,
  • Department heads,
  • and even C-level executives.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re in charge of developing user guides and help docs, then Dr.Explain is the tool for you.

We developed Dr.Explain for our own use, and for IT pros , who

  • want to create a user guide for their software without needing to be an expert at creating user guides;
  • are too busy to bother with finding and implementing a complex CMS;
  • don’t want to spend tons of money on technical writing software packages and training courses;
  • have always known (or now realize) that people DO read the documentation;
  • are tired of juggling word processors, converters, and other programs;
  • dream of doing everything in the same software without re-doing it over and over;
  • would much rather be involved in software development and promotion than be drowned in constant tech support;
  • are unwilling to expand their sales, support, and maintenance budget;
  • have respect for their software and value their customers and believe that user-friendly help documentation is a must.

Why is Dr.Explain likely the fastest, most comfortable, and most efficient help authoring software?

Integrated utility for capturing and analyzing program windows and screenshots to help you quickly create technical illustrations.

A concise and well-designed interface

Specialized text editor designed for creating help files and documentation for software.

Complete automation of routine actions.

Image annotation editor to quickly create explanatory callouts on your screenshots and technical illustrations.

Instant preview in printable and online formats.

Context-sensitive help for web and desktop applications.

Quick update of illustrations and screenshots when a new version of your software product is released.

Web format flexibility for mobile devices.

Allows you to create a user guide from a single source in multiple formats: context sensitive help files in CHM format, web guides in HTML, DOC, and PDF with table of contents and links.

Visual documentation status updates.

Elegant, customizable templates with modern design.

Lookup and indexing functions in online help without server-side programming and databases.

Use it for free as much as you need!

What are you working on?
You need user-friendly documentation for that.

You need a fast, cheap, high-quality solution.
You need Dr.Explain.

Let’s face it: you’ve used the F1 key plenty of times. Isn’t it great when the help file opens right to the required section?

Dr.Explain helps you create context-specific help in CHM format and integrate it into your Windows app, written in any programming language:: C++, .Net, C#, VBA, Delphi, etc.

Plus, it’s easy to capture and automatically annotate screenshots from your application windows, saving you hours of work that you would have spent describing the user interface in some other software.
Creating contextual online help for a web service or portal is a task that is sometimes comparable in labor costs to developing the service itself — if you do it manually and without the right tools, of course.

With Dr.Explain, you can create the documentation right away and publish it on your server. Plus, using the customized visual templates, you can easily integrate help functionality in your overall website design. Just add one JavaScript call and a few lines of HTML, and you’ll get full-featured contextual help, which will be displayed in popup windows for key elements on your webpages..

Imagine, too, that the search and index in your online help works completely out of the box. No programming, or worse, installation and configuration of scripts and databases is required. Everything works even on bare free hosting or simply from shared network folders.
Have you already chosen the best user manual format for a mobile app or cross-platform solution?

PDF, pure or compiled HTML, links to a manual on your website, or all of the above? No problem! Just export your project from Dr.Explain in various formats and use them according to your users’ needs.

Note that all HTML-based formats created in Dr.Explain have an adaptive layout and are convenient for use on mobile devices. Your users will thank you for it.
Are you writing software for internal use within your organization? You may not have to fight for customer loyalty, but it’s still no good without decent user documentation. You’ll be bombarded by questions from employees, whether they be accountants, marketers, salespeople, or factory workers, and they’ll eat you alive. Eventually, your entire job will consist of tech support.

You’ve probably at least banged out a readme file in MS Word, right?

Still, your software is constantly developing, becoming more and more complicated. The knowledge base is getting more bloated and chaotic. Finally, you have to admit to yourself that a readme file isn’t enough. You want to update your documentation in a snap and quickly deliver the latest version to all end users.

Then use Dr.Explain!

Just import all your existing documentation from various sources and continue working on a single well-structured project; then, you can publish user manuals in the necessary format(s) when required.

Not alone? No problem! You can use multi-user mode to work on a single project!

Our customers' results

Look what will change in your business ...

  • Clovis Gay Clovis Gay Hocus Pocus Studio Documenting UI is always a pain and delays the release of the tool.
    With Dr.Explain it's almost automatic. The capture feature with the ability to extract all our UI's features in clickable zones saves so much time.
    So, now that I spend less time making those help files, I can concentrate on what I love the most – coding our new tools.
  • Julie Farmer Julie Farmer myPA Virtual Services With the use of Dr.Explain, I have been able to offer my clients valuable documentation on how their businesses run and operate, adding commercial value to their organizations.
    In turn, this has ensured that my clients are staying with my company as I’m able to offer a professional service they cannot get from any other Virtual PA.
  • Jeff Tindall Jeff Tindall Tindall Media The workflow is very convenient and natural. The software automatically takes the screen snaps and prepares the documentation for you to simply describe the functions.
    Dr. Explain allows us to streamline our documentation process and deliver high-quality, useful user documentation.
  • David Swindon David Swindon Trustco Group Holdings We can produce PDF documentation and manuals, and also create an online repository of materials for users to understand the system, using the same base.
    For new staff and cross training the information is consistent. For governance and reporting, for change management, all the information is ready and available to produce any output.
  • Margaret Messick Margaret Messick Costume Inventory Resources Having a comprehensive User Guide is good for my business as it shows that I take my software and my customers seriously and want them to succeed.
  • Assaf Yarden Assaf Yarden Testview We’ve chosen the Dr.Explain tool due to its ability for us to work as a team and its ability to create the CHM format along with online help which we embedded into our product’s website that runs on the WordPress platform.
    We are impressed with the ease of use and flexibility of the software. Our technical writer who didn’t have any prior experience with Dr.Explain got his hands on it in less than one hour. Other team members used the collaboration features to edit and review the manual simultaneously.
  • Mukta Aggarwal Mukta Aggarwal Ascomp Technologies Pvt. Ltd The documentation process has become easier. Our customer satisfaction has increased through our better documentation. User manuals help our customers to use our ERP product more easily and conveniently.
  • Mikhail Rusakov Mikhail Rusakov OrangeCat Software We have switched to Dr.Explain a long time ago, and now the old help creation process feels like a long-forgotten nightmare.
    It’s hard to imagine now how we would keep the help system up to date without Dr.Explain!

Your results will be even more significant ...

Use it for free as much as you need!

Here you can learn some facts about the Dr.Explain team and our values

Dear colleagues,

Dr.Explain is a professional help authoring tool.

Over 15 years of development, we’ve learned just about everything there is to know about help files, user guides, and manuals.

We have studied everything related to the subject: regulatory requirements, how IT companies work, software development and security, and the importance of a simple and effective user interface, up-to-date documentation, and prompt technical support.

Our developers are highly qualified specialists with IT-specific education and many years of experience in complex business product development.

The quality of our work isn’t measured in certificates, awards, and contests. It’s measured in concrete results for our clients.

The bulk of our technical support is provided directly by the developers. I also personally communicate with our users regularly.

We take all questions seriously, and resolve them all without bureaucracy, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We never stopped working, even during the COVID lockdown.

We greatly value your time, effort, and business.

Dennis Crane
Indigo Byte Systems LLC, CEO
Dr.Explain project leader

Start working with Dr.Explain right away, free of charge

The only significant limitation of the trial version is that images in your documentation will have watermarks on them. When you’re totally satisfied with the software — and, more importantly, the results — you can purchase the paid version, and the watermarks will simply disappear after you activate the license.

More detailed information about the license and payment methods is available on the Licensing page.

Download Dr.Explain right now and create fully functional help docs by next week.

Use it for free as much as you need!