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Address your customer by their names

August 27, 2007

One of the strongest psychological signal for everyone is his or her name. Calling someone by name is a good way to attract his/her attention and to make the conversation more confidential and trustworthy. So, when you answer support e-mails start and finish your message with a name of the person. This will increase the [...]

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Does your software always work for you when it works?

August 20, 2007

I have an idea which I would share. It’s a raw concept but I’m sure that you can polish it and use somehow in your business. Remember the installers that show slides with software features and benefits during the installation process. I’m sure that some of your applications also have such processes when a long [...]

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Would you like the Google to like your domain?

August 3, 2007

Some time ago I heard the gossips that Google doesn’t “like” web sites with newly registered domain names. Google likes old domain names with long history. But … the domain history is not the only important factor. The future of domain is also important for Google ranking. If your domain registration expires in a couple [...]

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Gathering feedback from your customers

August 2, 2007

Bob Walsh has recently written “Email one customer a day” post in his 47hats blog. Here is the post’s summary: Try emailing one customer a day. Pick a customer who bought your product or who signed up for your Web 2.0 service some time back and send them a friendly, short email: “Dear Bill, Just [...]

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