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User interface improvement: getting rid of unused space

January 29, 2010

In this short post I’d like to share a real case of user interface improvement that we implemented in the upcoming release of the Dr.Explain 4.0. In previous releases of the Dr.Explain we had a problem – much of screen space on the top of the application window was not used effectively. Before (old versions [...]

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The Conference: Better User Experience Through Better User Assistance

January 26, 2010

This year our Dr.Explain help tool team is proud to be a sponsor of The Conference for Software User Assistance by WritersUA. The focus of the Conference for Software User Assistance is on developing the best possible user experience for all types of software applications through well-designed interfaces and helpful and accessible support information. The [...]

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You’ve likely lost many e-mails in 2010!

January 12, 2010

If your host uses Spam Assassin to protect your mail box from SPAM then read this post! We use Spam Assassin on our host to filter out SPAM. Recently, it was discovered that the Spam Assassin had a bug. It added extra 3.4 SPAM scores to ALL e-mails dated 2010 or later. I’m afraid we [...]

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