Entrepreneurship Matters!

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you run your own business already? No matter if it’s a barbershop around the corner, a technical writing service, a software development company, or a huge corporation with hundreds of employees. Finally, it’s all about entrepreneurship.

For me, entrepreneurship means using my skills to help other people to solve their problems. In the same time, I often have to solve problems of my business and turn them into opportunities.

Surprisingly, competition, finances, suppliers, and management aren’t real problems in many cases. Often, there is a main problem in the way we think and behave. Every successful business comes from founder’s heart and is driven by his or her entrepreneurship spirit.

What is a real entrepreneurship spirit?
Who is intrapreneur?
What skills and personal qualities will set you apart from other entrepreneurs and competitors?
How to keep your mental, psychological, and physical health and not to become a slave to money?
How did the Internet impact on entrepreneurship?

Sooner or later, all entrepreneurs ask themselves similar questions. Keith Johnson gives answers to many questions about entrepreneurship in his new e-book “Entrepreneurship Matters! For 2012 And Beyond”.

This book is a great collection of real business stories, inspirational thoughts, and deep reasoning. Keith’s ideas aren’t citations from MBA theory textbooks. They are proved by many years of his experience. As a documentation specialist, he has been working with many businesses ranging from individual entrepreneurs to big companies. Documentation writing gives insight to the nature of business – its structure, problems, communications, achievements, and people. Such expertise is worth a lot. Fortunately, Keith is a very open person who loves to share his knowledge with other people. So, today we have a lucky chance to read this excellent book.

Check it out at LuLu: “Entrepreneurship Matters! For 2012 And Beyond”

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