Google+ is a great way to exposure your software development tools & services

If you make and sell software development tools or provide services for high tech engineers then you should definitely pay attention to Google Plus. According to statistics of,a catalog that currently lists about 1M of Google Plus users, many of those who mentioned profession in profile are …. IT people:

Likely the reason is that Google+ is still in Beta mode and most of early adopters are developers as always. So, now it’s a perfect moment to expand your professional network through Google+ while it’s a purely programmers land.

BTW, I’d be glad to intersect my Google+ circles with yours. Find me on Google+.

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A good idea regarding your next press release

A simple yet brilliant idea:

Use cool infographics instead of boring and dull text press releases

Here is a good show case from Hoot Suite: HootSuite Reaches 2 Million Owl Milestone and Releases Infographic

However, creating cool infographics is a kind of art and magic. If you able to do this you will hit the jackpot.

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Software product ideas from Google auto-suggest

What kind of applications the majority of potential users is looking for on Google:

The same approach works for national markets. For example, what French-speaking users are looking for:

Screenshots are taken with Dr.Explain help file authoring tool

You may easily adopt this idea for a local regional market or a specific niche. Good luck in your researches!

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How to see actual search terms for your Adwords campaigns

Are you curious about which phrases your Adwords ad is actually displayed for?

Check the Search Terms section in your Adwords account:

This is an extremely useful tool for optimizing your campaigns’ effectiveness. The Search Terms section will help to find new negative (irrelevant) words, to add new phrases, and to change keyword matching to increase CTR and conversion rate.

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100 Power Writing Tips for 2011

“Every time someone reads your document and they walk away with a greater understanding of the concept or analysis at hand, you are taking steps to becoming an established and recognized writer.”

This is a quote from new e-book “100 Power Writing Tips for 2011” written by Keith Johnson, an educator, technical writer & technical communicator with many years of extensive experience. Keith is one of the top bloggers who regularly writes about technologies, writing, communication & effectiveness in his Great Documents blog.

In the new e-book Keith summarized many years of being in profession into a hundred of chapters which cover all key aspects of power writing: from Accuracy, Agility, & Analytics to Ubuntu, Understanding Others, & White Boards. Every article is full of original ideas that help to look at technical writing from new perspective. For instance, Keith unveils how music can help you to improve writing effectiveness & quality, or if “geekery” is good or evil for writer.

As friend of Keith, I knew that he was working on this e-book and I was also waiting for it. This week I’ve finally got and read it. It was so good that I assumed that Keith would sell it for serious money. I was wrong. He shares it almost for nothing. Just for three dollars! So if you deal with writing you should read it. It’s a great chance to learn many fresh ideas how to be a really power writer in 2011.

Get your copy of “100 Power Writing Tips for 2011” e-book

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Agile technical writing – New opportunities for user assitance

With agile methodology applied, organization can lower its expenses by producing cost-effective documentation. Because of incremental way of delivering help files, the whole help rarely has to be fully rearranged. Everything is done practically on the fly.

Read full article: Agile Technical Writing Basics

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