25 Content Ideas for Your mISV Website

How to stuff your software product website with content attractive for search engines? What to write about besides the product features, download and order pages, and contacts? Here is a brief list of ideas to get started.

  1. Press release archive
  2. Product news
  3. Blog
  4. FAQ & How-To
  5. Knowledge base
  6. On-line forum
  7. Product live tour or demo
  8. User testimonials
  9. On-line manual
  10. Trouble shooting articles
  11. Product use cases
  12. Sample project list
  13. Freebie add-ons
  14. Industry statistics and news overview
  15. Periodical research reports
  16. White papers
  17. On-topic articles
  18. Press kit
  19. Specials and discounts
  20. Awards and in-press reviews
  21. Review of complementary products and services
  22. Product comparison charts and tables
  23. Your interview to somebody well known
  24. Your bio or your company profile and history
  25. Site map
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