Import project settings

You can also import settings from another project file with Options -> Import settings. This is very handy if you wish to apply the settings from one project to another one. You can import either all settings or just certain ones.
Note: this action cannot be undone. So, please use this function carefully. You might want to make the backup copy of the project prior to performing this operation (e.g. save under different name).
Import project settings

Path to the project

1. Path to the project
Use this field to specify path to a project which settings are to be imported.

Settings list

2. Settings list
Use this list to specify what settings are to be imported.

Quick selection buttons

3. Quick selection buttons
Use these buttons to quickly select or unselect all options in the settings list.


4. ImportPress this button to start importing.


5. ClosePress this button to close the dialog and cancel importing.
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