Dr.Explain Paid Licenses

Dr.Explain Paid License

With paid Dr.Explain license (Business or Home) you can create projects of any size and without watermarks (Business license) or with subtle label (Home license) on images in final documents.

There are two licensing models available.

  1. Subscription with annual renewals.
    • All updates are free while subscription is active.
  2. Perpetual license
    • All minor updates (e.g. 6.8 → 6.9) are free.
      Major version upgrades (e.g. 6.x → 7.x) are free for those who purchased within 12 months before the upgrade was released. The remaining users are eligible to upgrade at a 50% discount.


To order a custom license pack, please contact us. Also please, check our discounts.

FAQ on Ordering & Licensing

There are numerous answered questions about prices, licenses, and ordering process on Dr.Explain Ordering FAQ page. Check it out!

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