Dr.Explain Paid Licenses

Dr.Explain Paid Licenses

Paid Dr.Explain licenses allow you to create projects of any size and remove watermarks from graphics in final documents.

Two licensing models by license expiration period
1. Annual (365 days) license or six-month (183 days) license.
  • All updates are free of charge.
2. Perpetual license for the current major version (version 6)
  • All minor updates (e.g. 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, etc.) are free.
    Upgrades to the major version (e.g. to 7.0) may be chargeable for those who purchased a license earlier than 12 months prior to the release of that upgrade.

Please select your desired license configuration and payment option



  5% - from 3 users
20% - from 5 users
25% - from 10 users
30% - from 15 users


To order a custom license pack, please contact us. Also please, check our discounts.

FAQ on Ordering & Licensing

There are numerous answered questions about prices, licenses, and ordering process on Dr.Explain Ordering FAQ page. Check it out!

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