Dr.Explain Overview


With Dr.Explain you can easily create help documentation both for desktop and web applications that are made in any programming language, IDE, or UI framework

Dr.Explain captures windows from live applications or websites and automatically recognizes application controls. The program automatically creates annotated screenshots with numbered callouts and tags. In comparison with other help authoring tools, this unique technology allows for writing documentation for applications with comprehensive user interfaces much faster.

The most effective way to create help files, online manuals, and printable documentation

Manage text content, technical illustrations and annotated screenshots with ease. Flexibly set up your documentation layout, help topics, and content structure. Embed support for keyword indexes and full text search capabilities without programming or server side scripting. Link help topics with application modules to create context sensitive help files.

Dr.Explain generates multiple output help formats from a single source

Use one source and one tool to create standalone help files, online manuals, or printable documentation for your software systems. Generate online manuals with search capabilities without programming, databases, or server side scripting. Compile Microsoft HTML Help files in CHM format to ship with your application. Make printable and cross-platform documentation in RTF and PDF formats.
The online help was made with Dr.Explain