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Create online help manual with Dr.Explain easily, fast, and cost-effective

How to create online user manuals to speed up the software development process?

Dr.Explain saves hours of time during the documentation writing work as it automates the most time consuming and tedious tasks.

Use Dr.Explain to create and publish an online manual and to easily plug it into your web site design

How to create online help: basic steps with Dr.Explain

  1. Determine the purpose of the online help.
    Think about the topics that need to be covered in the online help and make a list of the sections that need to be included. Feel free to use Dr.Explain's ready-made template of online help project.
  2. Create the content of help pages.
    Use the list of topics created in step 1 to create the content for the online help. Make sure that the content is clear, accurate, and up-to-date. With Dr.Explain feature-rich content editor, this will be easy to do.
  3. Publish the help.
    Once the content, platform, and interface have been chosen and designed, the online help can be published. Read our advice on how to publish the online help.
  4. Test and review.
    Test the online help to ensure that it functions properly and review it to make sure it is clear and accurate.
  5. Update regularly.
    Regularly review and update the online help to ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate.

Uniquely Dr.Explain captures application screens or web pages and documents them automatically!

Dr.Explain is based on a unique interface analysis and screen capture system. Thanks to this system, Dr.Explain can automatically analyze an application's user interface, take screenshots of all controls and elements, and then add explanatory callouts to all images in the draft help system.

After that, all one needs to do is add descriptions to the callouts, and save the result in the HTML (online manual), CHM (help file), RTF, or PDF format.

Why to create online help manual?

Online help usually consists of many HTML pages with common table of contents, navigation menus, keyword index, and search functions. Building online help is strongly recommended for cross-platform projects, web systems, and software that are frequently updated.

Keeping your software help online offers numerous benefits:
  • Decrease the size of your installation package by excluding standalone help files and uploading software documentation onto your web server.
  • Update your online help easily as there is no need to resend an updated help file to all users. Just upload a new version of your manual to your website.
  • Easily refer users to specific topics of your online help. Just provide a URL of a certain help topic by e-mail or in chat application.
  • No need to create help files in different formats for various operating systems and platforms. Your online help will be accessible in any web browser on any OS.

Your online manual is an important part of your software business model
Online help makes your web-site attractive for search engine crawlers and brings you targeted traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines. A good online manual presents your product as serious and credible. You may easily resolve users’ issue by referring that user to a certain page of your online help. Make your help system a part of your web sites and attract more prospects and generate more sales of your software.