Inserting image from file

Once you click the button the following dialog appears:
Inserting image from file
Use this dialog to browse for an image file or capture a new screenshot and define the image properties. To change the image properties, right-click the necessary image and select the Image properties menu option from the pop-up menu or double-click the required image to display this dialog.

Image source

1. Image source
Use this field to specify the type of the image: annotated screenshot, control image, control bullet, or a custom image. When you add a new image from a file, then Custom will be selected by default.


2. Appearance
Use this section to specify the image border width and its margin.


3. Dimensions
Use this section to manage the image size, alignment, and proportions.
Use the Revert size button to reset image size to original or discard your changes.

Image preview

4. Image preview
The preview shows a pre-rendered snapshot of the image to be inserted.

Image management buttons

5. Image management buttons
Click the From file... button if you want to add an image from a file saved on your computer.
Click the Capture... button if you want to add a screenshot.


6. InsertPress this button to add an image.


7. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.
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