Inserting hyperlinks

A hyperlink (link) is a reference either to a specific element in the same document or external source (URL).
You may link any portion of text with an external URL or with another topic in your help file. Dr.Explain automatically tracks the broken link and alerts you in case of inconsistency.
To insert a hyperlink, select the text that you want to link to other content and click the button or use Ctrl+K shortcut. The following dialog will be displayed:
Inserting hyperlinks
To edit existing hyperlinks you need to click the necessary link (the same dialog is displayed) to make necessary changes.

Link text

1. Link text
Use this field to specify the text that should be displayed as a link.

URL address

2. URL address
Check this option to link the selected text to an external Internet address, e.g. http://www.drexplain.com.

Internal link

3. Internal link
Check this option to link the selected text to an existing topic in the project tree.


4. Anchor
Use this drop-down box to link the selected text to a specific control or an anchor within a page.

Open link in new window

5. Open link in new window
Select this check box if you want the link to open in a new browser window.


6. OKPress this button to accept the changes and insert hyperlink.


7. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.

Remove link

8. Remove linkPress this button to remove the link you clicked from the topic.

Ping URL

9. Ping URLAfter you specified address in the URL field, click this button to verify that the link is valid.

Select current topic

10. Select current topicPress this button to quickly select current topic in the project tree.
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