If you plan to generate a CHM help file then keep in mind that you can add keywords to create an index list. Each keyword is assigned to certain pages of the generated help file.
Select a page in the project tree and choose the keywords that you want to link to that page by selecting the corresponding check boxes next to them. Use the toolbar buttons to add or delete keywords.

Add sibling keyword

1. Add sibling keywordClick this button to add a new keyword at the same level. You can also use the Insert key to do this.

Add keyword inside

2. Add keyword insideClick this button to add a sub keyword to the selected one. Keyboard shortcut for this command is Alt+Insert.

Remove keyword

3. Remove keywordClick this button to delete the selected keyword. You can also use the Delete key to do this.

Keyword references

4. Keyword referencesClick this button to see all the topics assigned to the selected keyword.

Keyword filter

5. Keyword filterClick this button to hide/show unrelated (unchecked) keywords.
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