Collaboration settings

In this dialog you can configure options for Teamwork & collaboration functionality of the project.
  • go to the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option;
  • click to display project settings and then click Collaboration in the appeared dialog.
Collaboration settings

Auto-commit settings

1. Auto-commit settings
Use these options to enable / disable automatic commit for Project Tree and Keywords.

Collaboration server  account credentials

2. Collaboration server  account credentials
Use this section to provide your credentials to access your remote repository with shared projects on the cloud service Tiwri.com or Local Collaboration Server.

OK button

3. OK buttonClick this button to save your changes and close the dialog.

Cancel button

4. Cancel buttonClick this button to cancel your changes and close the dialog.

Help button

5. Help buttonClick this button to show the context help.

Import settings

6. Import settingsClick this button to import the settings from another project file.
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