Dr.Explain 5.5 : Beta testing

Thank you for your participation in beta testing of Dr.Explain 5.5

IMPORTANT: Before Setup!

If you save a project in version 5.5 you won't be able to open it in version 5.4 or earlier.
So, please BACKUP all your significant data:

  1. Your .GUI project files.
  2. Dr.Explain current settings in system registry.
    Run regedit.exe and Export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Indigo Byte Systems\Dr.Explain branch into REG file on your disk.
  3. Your spell checking custom dictionary.
    Currently, it's likely stored in <Program Files (x86)>\Dr.Explain\spell\MyCustom.dicu file.

Please be careful if you use this beta version for developing projects which are critical for your business. Backup them first!

Download & Setup

  1. Download Dr.Explain 5.5 - build # 1055 Release Candidate | 11-August-2017
    Release notes
  2. We recommend to install beta version into a new folder, e.g. <Program Files>\Dr.Explain 5.5
  3. Install it as usually. Just follow the setup wizard's instructions.

The update will be free for all users of Dr.Explain 5.x.
All current 5.x license keys will be valid in version 5.5.

If you don't have a license key for version 5.x yet then order it now.
There is no need to wait until official release of version 5.5.

Feedback & Reports

We kindly ask you to send all your feedback on the beta version to help@drexplain.com address. Start your message subject line with "[Beta 5.5]: " words.
This will simplify our communication and will help us to handle your demands faster.

New Features to Be Tested

  1. 64 Bit architecture
    To support big projects and for higher performance, since version 5.5 the Dr.Explain will run on 64 bit Windows OS only.

  2. HiDPI monitors support
    Dr.Explain now also supports high resolution (HiDPI) screens, taking full advantage of fine pixeling for the clearest user interface and better user experience.

  3. New revamped user interface
    The new clear and attractive interface will help you to work more efficiently and with greater comfort.

  4. The Import fucntion got more flexible
  5. The Export functions were optimized
  6. Many issues in different modules were fixed