The Dr.Explain 6 Beta version

Thank you for your participation in Dr.Explain 6.0 beta testing

IMPORTANT: Before Getting Started!

If you save a project with Dr.Explain 6.0 you won't be able to open it with Dr.Explain 5.x or earlier. Moreover, your projects can be corrupted due to software bugs.

So, please BACKUP all your significant data:
  1. Your .GUI project files.
  2. Dr.Explain current settings in system registry.
    Run regedit.exe and Export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Indigo Byte Systems\Dr.Explain branch into REG file on your disk.
  3. Your spell checking custom dictionary.
    Currently, it's likely stored in c:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\DrExplain projects\spell\MyCustom.dicu file.

Please be careful if you use this beta version for developing projects which are critical for your business. Backup them first!


What's new in Dr.Explain 6.0

  1. Ability to insert several annotated screenshots in a single topic.
  2. Ability to capture screen regions.
  3. New simplified screenshot capturing tool.
  4. Magnifier in the screenshot capturing tool.
  5. New material design templates for online help.
  6. More effective content editor.
  7. Revamped Hi-DPI user interface with scalable vector graphics.
  8. Many fixes and improvements.

How to proceed with beta testing

  1. Download Dr.Explain 6.0.1174 Beta (06-Feb-2020) and install it into a new folder (e.g. [PROGRAM FILES]\Dr.Explain 6\)
  2. Actively use the new features.
  3. Send your feedback, ideas, bug reports and concerns regarding Dr.Explain 6 to

Known issues

The user documentation hasn't been updated yet.


We'll reward all active beta testers with bonuses and privileges.