CHM compiler settings

In this dialog window, you can configure additional CHM compiler options.
To access the dialog, please use one of the ways described bellow:
  • click the button to display the project settings;
  • go to the Options menu and select Project settings menu option;
    Then click CHM compiler in the appeared dialog.
    The following dialog window will appear:
CHM compiler settings

Compatibility drop-down list

1. Compatibility drop-down list
Use this drop-down list to select the compatibility level for the generated CHM files. Possible values are:
  • 1.0;
  • 1.1 or later (default).

Support enhanced decompilation

2. Support enhanced decompilation
Check this option to to enable enhanced decompilation support for the output CHM file.

FTS stop list file name

3. FTS stop list file name
The field displays the name of the full text search stop list file name.
A stop list decreases the size of full-text search index, which results in a smaller compiled help (.CHM) file because fewer words are indexed. It is important if you have large documentation set. All words in the stop list are omitted from the search. These are usually commonly occurring words or numbers, such as "the", "and", or "1" that the user is unlikely to search for.
Click this button to browse for the full text search stop list file.

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

4. Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
Use this field to specify the path where the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop is installed on your computer.


5. OKPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


6. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.


7. HelpPress the button to show the context help page.
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