Compacting tool

The Compacting tool is a useful tool for compressing your project by removing all inactive elements at once: pages, topics, controls. On large projects this will significantly increase the performance of your work and save disk space. In the settings, you can configure what kind of inactive elements must be removed from the project.
To compact your project, you can either go to the Tools menu and select the Compacting tool menu option or use the Alt+Shift+C keyboard shortcut. Once you select this option, Dr.Explain displays the following dialog:
Compacting tool

Inactive controls removing

1. Inactive controls removing
Select this check box if you want to remove all inactive controls from the project screenshots.

Inactive pages removing

2. Inactive pages removing
Select this check box if you want to remove inactive pages from your current project. These are pages which are not exported to any format.

Active sub-pages keeping

3. Active sub-pages keeping
Select this check box if you want to keep inactive pages that have active subpages.

Compact button

4. Compact buttonClick this button to start compacting your project.

Cancel button

5. Cancel buttonClick this button to cancel the compacting process and close the dialog.
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