Topic properties

In the Properties pane, you can specify topic or screenshot properties such as title, Help ID code, filename, etc. This pane is located in the lower left corner of your Dr.Explain project. To change a property, just click at the required field and specify the new value.
Topic properties

Auto numbering

1. Auto numbering
Use this option to enable or disable automatic numeration for the topic. The preview shows you the number to be assigned to the topic in case the option is turned on. You can setup topic numbering style in the Project Settings / Common Settings.

Title field

2. Title field
This field shows the topic title that you have specified when creating the topic. This name appears in the Topic Tree of the generated document.

Topic (page) name

3. Topic (page) name
This field allows you to specify the filename of the topic (without extension) for CHM and HTML output formats. If you plan to generate online help, this name will be used as part of the name for online help. E.g. /help/topic_properties.htm.

Output format and conditions

4. Output format and conditions
Use these buttons to include and exclude the topic from certain formats. You can also exclude (hide) a topic from all formats by selecting it in the Topic tree and pressing the Delete key.
Please, also use button to specify logical conditions of the topic output to the final document upon export. So, for instance, you can create multiple documents with different table of contents out of a single project.
If the logical conditions are specified for the topic the button will look like this:


5. Status
This field shows the current status of the topic.

Help ID

6. Help ID
Use this field to specify the Help ID numeric code for the context sensitive help.

Topic Alias

7. Topic Alias
Use this field to specify the string alias for the corresponding Help ID numeric code.
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