Lock & status options


Locking topics in local projects

By locking topics in the Topic Tree of a local project, you can close a completed topic for editing so that a topic is available only for viewing. This might be very useful when several colleagues are working on a single project file and you can lock your topics, so that you or your colleagues cannot change them by accident. To edit a locked topic you need to unlock it first.
To lock a topic, right-click it in the Topic Tree and select the Lock this item menu option. By using this menu option you can also lock a topic and its subitems.
To unlock a topic, right-click the necessary topic and select the Unlock this and all sub-items menu option.
Another way to lock/unlock items is using the buttons.

Locking topics in shared projects

For shared projects, Edit/Commit icons are shown instead of Lock/Unlock icons.
Use these buttons to lock topics on the server for editing and then to commit changes to the server and to release the locked topics for other users. Please, read Teamwork & collaboration section to get more details on working with shared projects.

Status options

Statuses allow you to mark topics in a project tree view depending on their completeness level: 
Not started
In progress
The colored markup helps you visualize which parts of your project are done. Using statuses is convenient when working with large projects.
You may change the topic status either in its properties pane
or right-click the topic in the project tree view and use Set status command in the pop-up menu.
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