Working with topic tree

Topic tree represents a list of the parts (topics) of a document or help organized in the tree-order in which those parts appear.
Working with topic tree
A topic is like a single document, on which your work at a time. Dr.Explain manages Topic tree and topics it consists of, as a single document (project file).
There are two special predefined topics in Topic tree:
You can expand and collapse topics in Topic tree by using the standard controls or you can move topics around in the Topic tree and change the levels of your topics in the tree hierarchy.
The iconic buttons near the topics depend upon the project type.
For local projects there are Lock/Unlock icons:
Use these buttons to lock or unlock topics for editing. Locking topics allows to protect completed topic from occasional changes.
For shared projects, Edit/Commit icons are shown.
Use these buttons to lock topics on the server for editing and then to commit changes to the server and to release the locked topics for other users.
To enable automatic numbering for topics please setup the numbering style in Common settings and then enable numbering for certain topics in Topic properties
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