Registration & activation dialog

To be able to register your copy of Dr.Explain and to activate a license key, go to Help and click Register Dr.Explain. The application will display the Activation dialog, where you must provide your registration details to complete the registration and license activation process. After you complete the license activation, you will switch to the licensed mode.
Registration & activation dialog

Order ID field

1. Order ID field
Copy and paste your order reference number in this field as it appears in the order form.

Key field

2. Key field
Copy and paste your license key in this field.

Activation type

3. Activation type
The registration process includes license activation step. The license key is activated remotely on Dr.Explain server.
If you choose Online activation then the process will be completed automatically via active Internet connection.
If you have no active Internet connection on the computer then you can switch to By email activation:
Registration & activation dialog
In this case, you must send the verification string to activation@drexplain.com from any available computer with email software and then enter the response into the Activation key field of the dialog to complete the license activation process.

Activate button

4. Activate buttonPress this button to submit the registration information and to activate the license in the certain copy of Dr.Explain.
Note: you might need to restart Dr.Explain to complete the registration process.

Cancel button

5. Cancel buttonPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.
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