Screen capturing settings

In the Screen capturing settings you can configure the capturing process. To customize the capturing settings of the current project either:
See also: Capturing screenshots section.
Screen capturing settings

Draw no bounds

1. Draw no bounds
Select this check box if you don't want the colored rectangle around the captured window to be shown when you point your cursor at it (the colored rectangle will not be present on the captured screenshots regardless of the state of this check box).

Use virtual pointer

2. Use virtual pointer
If this check box is selected, then you can press and hold the right Ctrl button to lock the cursor in certain position (e.g. over a certain button to activate its pop-up tooltip). Then, you can continue selecting windows/controls to be captured with another "virtual" cursor.

Bullets placement

3. Bullets placement
Select appropriate option button to specify how to distribute the numbered callouts around the captured windows.

Control area padding

4. Control area padding
Use this spin box to specify here how many extra pixels should be added around the actual control area.

Capturing scenarios

5. Capturing scenarios
Use this section to create, edit and setup various capturing scenarios.

Boundary colors

6. Boundary colors
Click the colored boxes to specify the frame color to be used for highlighting the screen areas when pointing the cursor at them.

OK button

7. OK buttonClick this button to accept the changes and close the dialog.

Cancel button

8. Cancel buttonClick this button to discard your changes and close the dialog.

Help button

9. Help buttonClick this button to access the context help.
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