Scenario settings

Capturing scenario is a set of predefined rules that define how to process various window controls or HTML tags.
There are four groups of rules, for every type of application:
  • Win32 window controls.
  • Accessible objects.
  • HTML elements.
  • Java Swing control.
Except Win32 controls, each group includes two sections:
  • Filters define the processing order for the controls or tags and for their sub-elements.
  • Naming rules specify how to name controls depending on their properties.
The main page of the Scenario Properties is accessible through Screen capturing settings. It allows you to set the main properties of the capturing scenario.
Scenario settings

Scenario name

1. Scenario name
Specify the scenario name here. This name will help you distinguish different scenarios.

Scenario description

2. Scenario description
Use this optional field to specify the scenario's custom description.

Capture Swing (Java)

3. Capture Swing (Java)
Check this option to capture Java Swing controls.

Capture HTML

4. Capture HTML
Check this option to capture HTML elements.

Capture Accessible objects

5. Capture Accessible objects
Check this option to capture accessible objects in various applications.

Capture Win32 windows

6. Capture Win32 windows
Check this option to capture Win32 window controls.

Export scenario

7. Export scenarioPress this button to export your scenario as a file. After you export your scenario, you can share it with another member of your project team or keep it for backup purposes.


8. OKPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


9. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.


10. HelpPress the button to show the context help page.
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