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Dennis Crane
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Dr.Explain 3.0: Quickly Document your Web Site, Portal, or Web Application

Indigo Byte Systems has released Dr.Explain v. 3.0, a unique Windows tool that lets web site designers provide their visitors with documentation that makes it simpler for them to use the web site. Dr.Explain can read any web page, analyze all of its content, parse all of its elements, and make it simple for you to quickly document your web site.

Prior to version 3.0, Dr.Explain's mission was to help software developers dramatically reduce the time needed to produce help files by automatically generating the necessary help topics for the program's CHM files, HTML help, online manuals, and printable documentation. In version 3.0, Dr.Explain applies its unique technology to web sites, too.

Dr.Explain can view a web page as it appears in Internet Explorer, even if the page requires scrolling to fit onto a normal computer screen. The program recognizes each of the web page's elements, including Flash applications, query strings, images, search boxes, search buttons, login forms, and menus and submenus. It associates each design element with a numbered box, and generates corresponding numbered paragraphs to explain each of these design elements. Simply add text, and the resulting images provide web site visitors with useful documentation that will explain how to get the most out of your web site.

Dr.Explain continues to support Windows software developers in their efforts to simplify the creation of documentation. Before Dr.Explain, software developers spent days editing screenshots and formatting text for their documentation files. Dr.Explain captures screens from your live application, analyzes them, and creates stunning screenshots that make it easy for users to understand how the application works.

Similar to its web site documentation regimen, each screenshot contains numbered references to all Windows buttons, edit fields, options, menus, radio buttons, dropdown lists, toolbars, trees, and other controls. In addition, Dr.Explain creates a numbered paragraph for each of these numbered controls. Simply add text to each numbered paragraph, and you'll have everything that you need for professional help files in CHM or HTML format, as well as RTF documentation files that can be printed or loaded online.

The new text editor in version 3.0 lets you insert images, tables, lists, predefined variables, and macros. The new capturing engine makes it easy to grab entire web pages, web interfaces, Flash, individual buttons in toolbars, and undocked windows and toolbars. You can even automatically capture sub-windows.

Dr.Explain takes the pain out of creating documentation. By automating the process, the creation of manuals, user guides, and help files becomes an enjoyable part of developing software or creating web sites. The savings in time and tedium on a single development project will pay for the software many times over.

Dr.Explain v. 3.0 runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. It processes the applications made with all major Windows and web development environments, including Visual Studio C/C++/C#/.NET/MFC/WTL/WinForms, Visual BASIC, Delphi, and Clarion. Dr.Explain costs $125(US) for a single-user Regular License. The single-user Advanced License costs $165(US), and includes validation and compacting tools, command line support, menu auto-capturing, print versions of HTML pages, and pop-up tooltips on screenshots. Multi-user discounts are available. You can download a free trial version from the company's web site -

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About Indigo Byte Systems:

Since 2003, Indigo Byte Systems has been providing Windows and PDA tools to software developers, as well as business and home computer users. In addition to Dr.Explain, the company also offers UTS Desktop Companion software, a handy data tracking application for Windows desktop or Palm OS PDA devices. Indigo Byte Systems also offers custom software design and development services to corporate and individual clients, worldwide.