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Creating Help ID map files

In Dr.Explain, you can assign numeric identifiers (Help ID) and text aliases to each help topic to create a context-sensitive help file for your software application. You can then create a map file to include in your application's source code. Dr.Explain can generate Help ID map files in three common formats: .h (C++ header files), .vb (Visual Basic map file) and .inc (Object Pascal and Delphi map files). ).

What is a context-sensitive help file?

This file maps your manual pages to program interface elements. Each control has its code or name. The same values ​​are specified in the section properties in the documentation.

Thus, with the help of the Microsoft HtmlHelp API functions, the program can open a help file exactly on the section associated with a particular element of its graphical interface.

For example, the user, being in the main window of the application, when calling the context help, will see the CHM-manual in front of him, which opened precisely on the page that describes that window.

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