Application settings window

In the Application settings window, you can configure the global settings for Dr.Explain. To open the application settings window, go to Options and click the Application settings... menu option. You will see the following window:
Application settings window

Splash screen

1. Splash screen
Clear this check box if you do not want the splash screen to appear each time you start Dr.Explain.

Load last project

2. Load last project
If this option is turned on, Dr.Explain will open the most recent project by default and will skip the project selection mode on start-up.


3. Autosave
In this section, you can enable/disable autosaving of the project. You can set the time interval and destination folder for autosaving.

Capturing scenario folder

4. Capturing scenario folder
In this section, you can set the path to the capturing scenario folder. Click the (...) button to set a new path. Click Go To button to display the current scenario folder in Windows Explorer. For more details on capturing scenarios, see the Screen capturing settings section.

Java Bin folder

5. Java Bin folder
In this section, you can set the path to Java binaries which are required to create PDF files and to capture Java Swing application screenshots.

Swing capturing assistant

6. Swing capturing assistant
To capture Java applications Dr.Explain requires the Java Swing Capturing Assistant. The Assistant is a simple JAR file that must be put in your Java Home folder.
It will assist Dr.Explain by providing information about Swing GUI components lying under the mouse pointer.
Use the corresponding button to install or uninstall Java Swing Capturing Assistant.

OK button

7. OK buttonClick OK to save your changes.

Cancel button

8. Cancel buttonClick Cancel to discard your changes.
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