Committing changes

To merge your local changes with the shared project you must Commit your changes to the server. So, other users will see your modifications once they perform Update operation for their local copies. To send your changes to the server please click icon near the topic node in the Project Tree. Also, you can use Commit this element command in the popup menu of the element.
Moreover, you can send to the server changes of a topic and of all its nesting topics with Commit sub-elements... command in the popup menu of the element.
To commit all project modifications use button in the application toolbar, or Commit... command in Collaboration menu, or press F8 key.
The following dialog window will appear:
Committing changes

Elements to commit

1. Elements to commit
Uncheck the project elements which you do not want to commit.

Commit message

2. Commit message
Type in an optional commit message. This text will be shown in Project changes history and Activity section for this project.
To commit changes of non-topic project elements, such as Keywords, Project Tree or Project Settings use Commit only sub-menu of Collaboration menu.
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