Keyboard shortcuts

The following section lists all available keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls that you can use when working with Dr.Explain.


F1 — display context help.
Ctrl+N — create new project.
Ctrl+O — open project.
Ctrl+S — save open project.
Ctrl+Shift+O — open shared project from cloud service Tiwri.com or Local Collaboration Server.
Ctrl+Alt+P — open project options.


Ctrl+T — add child topic.
Ctrl+D — add topic at the same level.
Ctrl+W — add child topic with screenshot.
Ctrl+Q — add topic with screenshot at the same level.
Alt+Shift+I — import external files as topics.
Alt+Left — go back to the previously opened topic.
Alt+Right — go forward (usable after "go back" command).
Ctrl+F — find.
Ctrl+H — find and replace.
F3 — find next.
Alt+Shift+L — export to HTML.
Alt+Shift+D — export to PDF.
Alt+Shift+R — export to RTF.
Alt+Shift+M — export to CHM.
Project Tree
F4 — switch to Text Editor.
Ctrl+Down — move topic one position below.
Ctrl+Up — move topic one position up.
Ctrl+Left — move topic to the previous level
Ctrl+Right — move topic to the next level
F2 — rename topic.
Ctrl+Delete — deletes topic.
Delete — hide/show topic (change Export to field).
Insert — add a new sub-topic inside the current one.
Enter — add a new topic on the same level after the current one.
Alt+BackSpace — undo.
Shift+Delete — cut.
Shift+Insert — paste.
Ctrl+C — copy.
Ctrl+Insert — copy.
Ctrl+X — cut.
Ctrl+V — paste.
Ctrl+Shift+V — paste as plain text.
Ctrl+Y — redo.
Ctrl+A — select all.
Ctrl+Z — undo.
Ctrl+Shift+Z — redo.
Alt+Shift+BackSpace — redo.
Text Editor
F4 — switch to Project Tree.
Ctrl+B — bold text.
Ctrl+I — italic text.
Ctrl+U — underline text.
Ctrl+= — subscript.
Ctrl+Shift+= — superscript.
Alt+Ctrl+1 — apply Heading 1 style.
Alt+Ctrl+2 — apply Heading 2 style.
Alt+Ctrl+3 — apply Code style.
Alt+Ctrl+4 — apply Quote style.
Ctrl+Shift+N — apply Normal style.
Alt+Ctrl+5 — apply User defined style 1.
Alt+Ctrl+0 — apply User defined style 6.
Ctrl+E — align center.
Ctrl+J — justify text.
Ctrl+L — align left.
Ctrl+R — align right.
Ctrl+K — insert hyperlink.
Ctrl+Shift+F5 — insert anchor.
Ctrl+Shift+P — insert image.
Ctrl+Shift+W — capture and insert annotated screenshot.
Ctrl+Alt+W — capture and insert screenshot.
Ctrl+Shift+T — insert table.
Ctrl+Shift+Y — insert video.
Ctrl+Shift+R — insert variable.
Ctrl+Shift+S — insert HTML code.
Ctrl+Shift+H — insert horizontal line.
Ctrl+Shift+B — insert page break.
Ctrl+Shift+L — insert plain list.
Ctrl+Alt+L — insert numbered list.
Ctrl+Alt+C — insert © symbol.
Ctrl+Alt+R — insert ® symbol.
Ctrl+Alt+T — insert ™ symbol.
Shift+Tab — decrease level, if pressed in the beginning of paragraph.
Ctrl+Shift+M — move left.
Ctrl+M — move right.
Shift+Enter — insert line break.
Ctrl+Enter — inside text: insert page break; inside table: add new row below.
Ctrl+Shift+Enter — split topic or create a new topic from selected text.
Alt+Shift+C — start Compacting Tool.
Alt+Shift+J — start Validation Tool.
Insert — add a keyword on the same level.
Alt+Insert — add a subkeyword.
Delete — delete a keyword with all subkeywords.
F8for local projects: upload project to the cloud service Tiwri.com or Local Collaboration Server; for shared projects: commit items to collaboration server.
F5 — update project from collaboration server.
Additional mouse controls
Ctrl+Click link — navigate to the hyperlink.
In Designer mode: if you press and hold Alt when dragging a control rectangle, then pointer tail will move independently of the rectangle.
In Designer mode: if you press and hold Shift when moving a pointer with an Arrow key, you can move only its tail.
In Designer mode: hold Shift key while dragging bullet mark to snap bullet line to angles multiple of 15 degrees.
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