I cannot open my .GUI project file.

Do you have a *.gui.bak file next to the project file? Rename it to *.gui (i.e. remove the .bak extension) and try to open it again. This is a backup copy of the last saved version of your project file.
If this doesn’t work, please send your .GUI project file to our developers for investigation.

I cannot generate a CHM file. I see MSHHWC errors in the export log.

To be able to generate CHM files, please make sure that you have specified the path to HTML Help Workshop (HHWS) in the Project settings -> CHM export -> CHM compiler dialog.
The default directory is "C:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop".
If you don't have Microsoft HTML Help Workshop installed on your computer, then download it from the Microsoft website (free): http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms669985.aspx

The application doesn’t accept my license key.

You must enter the license key as a single line.
Please check if  ...
  • #1. ... you entered the registration data without trailing and leading spaces.
  • #2. ... you entered the full registration key and it ends with the = character.
If this doesn't help, please send us a screenshot of your registration screen with the registration info.

When I open a CHM file I see the table of contents but the main content area displays an error.

This is a common issue related to Windows security policy regarding CHM files. It is not a Dr.Explain problem. Please read more about it in the article on our site:
This often happens when users try to open a CHM file either from a remote location or right from the folder where they have just downloaded it (it must be moved into another folder first).

Search function doesn’t work in my local HTML help in the Chrome web browser.

This is a known issue of Google Chrome. It blocks AJAX requests for local files (file:///C:/Help/....). AJAX requests are used for search & index to dynamically load search results and a keyword list.
Therefore, either use another browser (Firefox, Opera, or IE) to preview local files or upload them to a web host and open in Chrome via HTTP protocol (e.g. http://localhost/help/...).

How do you remove the “Made by Dr.Explain” link?

To hide the Dr.Explain link in HTML/CHM:
1. Click the Project Settings tool button.
2. Select the HTML (CHM) export/Page structure section
3. Check Hide the Dr.Explain link check box.
4. Click OK.

HtmlHelp API call raises "HH_HELP_CONTEXT called without a [MAP] section" error.

This is a known issue of HtmlHelp API. You must set valid alias for topic you're trying to open by its Help ID number. Alias can be set in Topic properties.

Additional resources with FAQ and troubleshooting:

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