Dr.Explain Local Collaboration Server

Dr.Explain Collaboration Server - is a server application for organizing multi-user work on projects in the Dr.Explain program done on a company's intranet. Using this software eliminates the need to transfer any company data over the Internet to third-party servers.
The product is a handy solution for companies that can't use the Tiwri.com cloud service provided by Indigo Byte as an add-on service to the Dr.Explain application.
Please, read more about Dr.Explain Collaboration Server advantages and features at https://www.drexplain.com/server/


Dr.Explain Collaboration Server is delivered as a customized Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine image that can run on the most popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Oracle Solaris.


The Dr.Explain Collaboration Server is managed by the administrator (your company employee) via a secure control panel with a web interface.
The administrator can manage the list of users who are allowed to collaborate on projects through the server. There's an option to manage the access rights of specific users to particular projects.
The administrator can manage the list of projects on which the system users are working and their access rights.
The administrator also has SSH access to the server with root rights.

User work

Ordinary system users don't have personal accounts on the server to manage projects like those provided in the Tiwri.com cloud service.
All work with projects is done through the Dr.Explain client application interface.
All copies of the Dr.Explain must have an Ultima-level license.
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