List styles

In this dialog you can configure the list styles. You can use these styles to create customized multilevel lists in the Content editor. To edit the list styles:
  • click the button to display the project settings and then click Formatting styles in the appeared dialog;
  • go to the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option.
List styles

List styles

1. List styles
Use this list to select a style you wish to customize.

Add/remove style

2. Add/remove style
These buttons allow you to add and remove styles from the list.

List level

3. List level
Use the numbered buttons to select a level of list you want to customize.

Type of numbering

4. Type of numbering
Use this drop-down to set the numbering type for a certain list level.

Type of delimiter

5. Type of delimiter
Use this drop-down to set the delimiter type for a certain list level.

Final delimiter

6. Final delimiter
Use this option to enable or disable the delimiter sign in the end of the number for current level.

Previous level concatenation

7. Previous level concatenation
Uncheck this option if you want to exclude all parent level numberings from current level's number.


8. Preview
The preview area displays numbering style of all levels at once. Currently selected level is colored with black. Also, you can click a level you want to customize.

OK button

9. OK buttonClick this button to save your changes and close the dialog.

Cancel button

10. Cancel buttonClick this button to cancel your changes and close the dialog.

Help button

11. Help buttonClick this button to show the context help.

Import settings

12. Import settingsClick this button to import the settings from another project file.
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