Text formatting styles

In this dialog you can configure the text formatting styles. You can use these styles to quickly format the text in the Content editor. To edit the formatting styles:
  • click the button to display the project settings and then click Formatting styles in the appeared dialog;
  • go to the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option.
Text formatting styles

Styles list

1. Styles list
The list displays styles available in the project. Use the buttons below the list to add new styles or to delete existing ones.

Add style button

2. Add style buttonClick this button to add your own style to the list.

Sorting buttons

3. Sorting buttonsUse these buttons to sort the styles in the list.

Remove style button

4. Remove style buttonClick this button to remove a selected style from the list.

Style properties

5. Style properties
In this section you can configure the font settings (font face, size, color, and decoration) for the selected or created style.


6. Preview
The preview section shows a sample text formatted with the selected style.

OK button

7. OK buttonClick this button to save your changes and close the dialog.

Cancel button

8. Cancel buttonClick this button to cancel your changes and close the dialog.

Help button

9. Help buttonClick this button to show the context help.

Import settings

10. Import settingsClick this button to import the settings from another project file.
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