Text block templates

In this dialog window, you can manage the text block templates. Use the templates to quickly format the content fragments in the Content editor.
To access the dialog, please use one of the ways described bellow:
  • click to display project settings;
  • go to the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option;
    then click Text block templates in the appeared dialog.
    The following dialog window will appear:
Text block templates

Template list

1. Template listThe template list consists both of standard templates and custom ones, created by users.
You cannot delete the standard templates but you can modify their settings.

Templates management buttons

2. Templates management buttons
Use these buttons to add, edit, or remove templates from the list.

Text block preview

3. Text block previewThe preview panel displays how the text block will look like with the current settings.
The block looks and behaves (e.g. for Spoiler template) the same way like it does in the final HTML document.


4. ОКPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


5. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.


6. HelpPress the button to show the context help page.

Import settings

7. Import settingsPress this button to import the settings from another project file.
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