Publishing CHM file

CHM file is one of the most convenient ways to deliver your software help in a single indexed file along with your program. The HTMLhelp API allows for opening a specific topic within the CHM file (e.g. by file name).  With CHM you can easily implement context sensitive help functionality in your software application.
There are several ways to publish your help project to CHM:
  • click on the application toolbar;
  • go to the Options menu and click the Export to CHM menu option;
  • use the Alt+Shift+M keyboard shortcut.
The following dialog window will appear:
Publishing CHM file

Validation tool  option

1. Validation tool  option
Check this option to validate your project files before publishing the CHM file.

Open CHM file

2. Open CHM file
Clear this check box (it's selected by default) if you don't want to automatically open the generated CHM file.

Silently overwrite  option

3. Silently overwrite  option
This check box does not appear until you publish your first CHM file.
Check this option to skip the Save As dialog next time you generate your CHM file.

Progress bar

This bar shows the progress of the publishing process.

Process log

This section shows the log messages of the publishing processes.

More options

6. More optionsClick this button to display the CHM export settings dialog where you can configure the options for the output files.

Start/Stop export

7. Start/Stop export Press this button to start the publishing process. During the publishing process, this button turns into the Stop export button. Use it when you need to stop the publishing process and add any changes to your project.


8. ClosePress this button to close the Export to CHM file dialog.
Upon completion of the publishing process, Dr.Explain will open the generated CHM file (if you didn't clear the corresponding check box):
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