Publishing HTML help

HTML is preferable if your software is platform-independent and users can also open the help file in their web browsers on any operating system. Storing help files as HTML pages on your website is also useful when you update your documentation frequently by adding new topics and pages. In this case, users do not have to download the entire help file after each update.
There are several ways to publish your help project to HTML:
  • click on the application toolbar;
  • go to the Options menu and click the Export to HTML menu option;
  • use the Alt+Shift+L keyboard shortcut.
The following dialog window will appear:
Publishing HTML help

Path field

1. Path field
Use this field to specify the path to the directory where Dr.Explain should save the HTML files. Use the Browse button to browse for the necessary folder.

Validation tool

2. Validation tool
Check this option to validate your project files before publishing them.

Folder cleanup

3. Folder cleanup
Check this option to clear the output folder before export. Beware, this function will delete all files in destination folder.

Automatic  publishing

4. Automatic  publishing
Check this option to upload output files onto your web server automatically via FTP or onto your Tiwri site.

Index file

5. Index file
Check this option to add the index file to the generated HTML files. The index file is usually the starting page of the online manual.

Progress bar

This bar shows the progress of the publishing process.

Process log

This section shows the log messages of the publishing processes.

More options

8. More optionsPress this button to display the HTML export settings dialog where you can configure the options for the output files.


9. BrowseClick this button to browse for the directory where Dr.Explain should save the published HTML files to.


10. OpenClick this button to open target folder in Windows Explorer.

Start/Stop export

11. Start/Stop exportPress this button to start the publishing process. During the publishing process, this button turns into the Stop export button. Use it when you need to stop the publishing process and add any changes to your project.


12. ClosePress this button to close the Batch export to HTML pages dialog.
Once the publishing process is completed you can use the generated files (from the folder you specified in the path field) to upload them to your website and turn into online help for your application.
Upon completion of the publishing process, Dr.Explain will open the generated HTML help in your default browser:
The web help layout is responsive and is optimized for small screens of mobile and tablet devices as well:
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