Scenario properties: filters

The Filters define the processing order for controls or tags and their child elements depending on their name and properties.
The settings for filters for accessible objects, HTML elements and Java (Swing) are almost the same. Let's look at the options available for accessible objects filters, as they have more options:
Scenario properties: filters

Roles language

1. Roles language
Use this drop-down box to specify whether the object role should be interpreted as
  • English strings.
  • Localized system values. Note: these will depend on the currently selected display language in Windows.
  • "ROLE_SYSTEM_xxx" values.
This option is used for Accessible objects only.

Filter list

2. Filter list
The list displays the set of filters specified.

Move up & down

3. Move up & down
Use these buttons to change the priority of the selected filter. You can also use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down keyboard shortcuts.

Filter managing buttons

4. Filter managing buttons
Use these buttons to create, edit or delete filters.


5. OKClick this button to accept your changes and close the dialog.


6. CancelClick this button to discard your changes and close the dialog.


7. HelpClick this button to display help.
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