Screen editor

The Screen editor tool is a part of the Image editing mode. Here, you can specify the visible part of the screenshot (i.e. to crop the picture). This is extremely helpful when you want to crop a large image and display only a certain part of it. Drag the sides of the red frame to specify the visible part of the screenshot.
Screen editor
You may also add text labels to the screenshot. Text labels are independent objects that you can edit, move, and delete. For each label you can specify the border. This allows creation of ovals or rectangles over the particular parts of the image.

Text label toolbar

1. Text label toolbar
Use this toolbar add, show and delete text labels.

Visible screenshot area

2. Visible screenshot area
Drag the sides of the orange frame to specify the visible part of the screenshot.

Label text

3. Label text
Specify the text for the selected label.

Label font

4. Label font
Use this drop-down box to specify the font type of the selected label.

Label font size

5. Label font size
Specify the font size for the selected label.

Label font color

6. Label font color
Specify the font color for the selected label.

Label font style

7. Label font style
Specify the label text style here: bold, italic, or underlined.

Label text alignment

8. Label text alignment
Specify label text alignment here: left, center, or right.

Label shape settings

9. Label shape settings
This section allows you to customize the text label shape settings:
  • label shape (box or rounded box);
  • internal padding (in pixels);
  • shape background color;
  • shape frame color.
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