Control settings

This section allows you to manage the control settings (such as title, description, number, visibility, etc.) and edit the control description.
Control settings

Title field

1. Title field
Use this edit field to set the title for the selected item.

Anchor/page name

2. Anchor/page name
Use this field to specify optional file name for topic or screenshot page or the anchor name of the control reference.


3. Number
Use this spin box to change the order number of the control.

Help ID and Alias properties

4. Help ID and Alias properties
Use these fields to specify the Help ID numeric code for the context sensitive help and the string alias for the corresponding Help ID numeric code.

Text editor toolbar

5. Text editor toolbar
These buttons allow you to format the description text and insert objects: images, links, tables, lists, macro variables. They work in the same way in Text Editor.


6. Description
Use this section to enter the element's description. Use formatting buttons to mark up your text, insert the link or to check the spelling.
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