Managing control references

Controls are functional elements of the captured window: buttons, edit fields, drop-down lists, check boxes, and so on. Dr.Explain automatically recognizes controls during screenshot capturing and creates annotated callouts for them. Generally, you can just add some text to control descriptions to complete the help topic for a captured application dialog or a window.
You may see a list of annotated numbered controls on a window screenshot page.
There are two control states: visible (active) and invisible (inactive). Visible controls are displayed in the screenshot picture in the form of numbered callouts and they are also listed in the main content of the topic.
Each control is assigned to a rectangular area in the screenshot. Dr.Explain uses control areas to create separate screenshots for controls. You can setup the control area by double clicking on the image.
You can rearrange the controls, update their properties and setup their visual settings in two ways: in the main Content editor or in the Designer mode.
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