License activation

To activate your Dr.Explain Collaboration Server license please log into the server administration panel and switch to Activation tab.
License activation
Clickto enter your license key. Provide your server name, its IP address or domain name, and the demo or purchased license key.
Once you enter a valid license key click .
You will see the activation code which you must send as a plain text to server@drexplain.com and wait for an activation key in response.
After you send the activation code to  server@drexplain.com press to close the dialog.
Wait for a message from server@drexplain.com with an activation key.
To finally activate your license, click and paste the activation key received by email in response to your activation code.
Clicking the will ultimately activate your license and will switch the collaboration server into the fully operational mode until the license expires.
Since that moment, the Activation tab will display the full information about your server license.
Here, you can find the Server ID value. The end users must use this value to customize the connection to the collaboration server from Dr.Explain application.
Please, do not share the Server ID value outside you organization.
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