Sitemap options

In this dialog, you can create a Google sitemap file for your HTML help pages.
To customize the sitemap creating settings for the current project either:
  • go the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option;
  • or click the button in the application toolbar.
Dr.Explain displays the following dialog:
Sitemap options

Base URL

1. Base URL
Enter the base URL for your sitemap here.

Sitemap protocol

2. Sitemap protocol
Use these option buttons to choose which sitemap protocol/format should be used for your sitemap file.

Extra tags

3. Extra tags
Specify here as to which extra tags must be added to the sitemap XML file by selecting the corresponding check boxes next to them.


4. Compression
Select this check box to compress your output XML file with a GZIP compression algorithm.

Sitemap file creation during HTML export

5. Sitemap file creation during HTML export
Here, you may specify whether the sitemap file must be created each time you export your project in HTML format. Here you can also specify the name of the folder for the sitemap file.

Additional sitemap list

6. Additional sitemap list
If you have several sitemaps for different parts of your website then use this list to add them. Dr.Explain will generate the sitemap index file with links to all the sitemaps specified in the list.

Make sitemap button

7. Make sitemap buttonClick this button to generate a sitemap file.

Make index button

8. Make index buttonClick this button to generate a sitemap index file.

Add / Remove sitemap button

9. Add / Remove sitemap buttonUse these buttons to add external sitemap files to the index table and/or to remove the existing entities.

OK button

10. OK buttonClick this button to accept changes and close the dialog.

Cancel button

11. Cancel buttonClick this button to discard changes and close the dialog.

Help button

12. Help buttonClick this button to show context help.

Import button

13. Import buttonUse this button to import settings from another project file.
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