HTML page structure

This section allows you to configure the structure of your HTML online manual or CHM file.
To customize the page options for the current project either:
  • go the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option;
  • or click the button in the application toolbar;
  • or click a floating button in the HTML/CHM preview.
Then proceed to Page structure section.
Dr.Explain displays the following dialog:
HTML page structure

Code standard

1. Code standard
Use this drop-down list to specify the code standard for the HTML output:
  • HTML5
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict

Viewable header & footer

2. Viewable header & footer
If you select this check box the height of the online manual will be automatically adjusted to fit to the height of the browser window. The header, footer and sidebars will be docked to the browser edges while the central content part will remain scrollable. This resembles the behavior of a CHM file.

RTL layout support

3. RTL layout support
Check the option to enable right-to-left layout of HTML output. If enabled, menu, index and search tabs will be displayed on the right.

Help content settings

4. Help content settings
Use this field to set the dimensions of the help content main (central) section.
Note: the main content width setting is available for HTML export only.

Navigation bar settings

5. Navigation bar settings
In this section, you can configure the structure and dimension of the left navigation sidebar. Turn on/off the menu, the keyword index tab and activate the full text search function.
Note: the menu width and type options are available for HTML export only. Using of "Folding menu" options requires Advanced or Ultima license. See license comparison.
Note: index tab will consist of keywords.

Navigation settings

6. Navigation settings
Use these options to specify which navigation elements must be inserted into the content of your topics.
Note: the Print version option is available for HTML export only.

OK button

7. OK buttonClick this button to accept changes and close the dialog.

Cancel button

8. Cancel buttonClick this button to discard changes and close the dialog.

Help button

9. Help buttonClick this button to show context help.

Actions button

10. Actions buttonUse this button to either import the settings from an external file or to save all the settings to an external file.
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